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1. It isn't quite _____ that he will be present at the meeting.

A. sure B. right

C. exact D. certain

[答案] D. certain.

[注釋]I am sure that +從句。He is sure to come. = He is certain to come.但在it作形式主語, that引導主語從句時, 主句中表語只能用certain, 不能用sure.

2. Many new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

A. opportunities

B. realities

C. necessities

D. probabilities

[答案] A. opportunities.

[注釋]opportunity常指“ (難得的應抓住的) 機會”, 既可作可數名詞, 也可以作不可數名詞用, 如:I had few opportunities of meeting interesting people there. They had not much opportunity for hearing good music in the remote area.

3. The members of the club wouldn't run a _____ in entrusting(委托) the organization to an unreliable person.

A. danger B. risk

C. hazard D. chance

[答案] B. risk.

[注釋]run a risk (in) 冒險:You are running a big risk in trusting him.


4. The meeting was _____ when the chairman fell ill.

A. put down B. shut out

C. cut short D. taken off

[答案] C. cut short.

5. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough _____ for his organizing ability.

A. scope B. space

C. capacity D. range

[答案] A. scope.

[注釋]本題中scope (=opportunity; outlet) 施展機會, 發展余地, 是不可數名詞, 如:Give someone scope to show his ability. Range意指“變動范圍; 視聽范圍; 理解范圍”, 如:the range of prices (價格變動范圍).

6. I just managed to _____ a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing boat.

A. snatch B. scratch

C. scrape D. scan

[答案] A. snatch.

[注釋] snatch的原義是“攫取; 抓住; 奪得”。本題中snatch意指“匆忙間設法得到”, 如:He snatched an hour of sleep. (他匆匆睡了一小時覺。) snatch a quick breath (匆忙猛吸了一口氣)。

7. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very _____ about the food he eats.

A. special B. peculiar

C. particular D. unusual

[答案] C. particular.

[注釋]be particular about對......講究, 挑剔; She is very particular about what she wears. (她對她得穿著很講究。) Mr. Smith was quite particular about my work. (史密斯先生對工作十分挑剔。)

8. I don't think the charge for overhauling (大修)the equipment is excessive in _____ to its size.

A. correspondence

B. equation

C. proportion

D. dimension

[答案] C. proportion.

[注釋]in proportion to是固定搭配, 意為“與......成比例, 與.......相稱”。反義語:out of proportion不成比例,不相稱。本題稱。

本題譯文:我認為該設備的大修費并不過分, 是與它的大小相稱的。

9. Voices were _____ as the argument between the two motorists became more bad-tempered.

A. swollen B. raised

C. developed D. increased

[答案] B. raised.

10. Having lived in the town for quite a few years, Mr. Johnson no longer felt _____ among the local people.

A. out of order B. out of place

C. out of control D. out of the question

[答案] B. out of place.

11. He stopped his ears with his hands to _____ the terrible noise.

A. show off B. cut out

C. keep from D. shut out

[答案] D. shut out.

[注釋]shut out排除。

show off炫耀; cut out刪掉; keep from; 1) 隱瞞; She kept the truth from me. (她向我隱瞞真相。) 2) 不沾, 避開; He keeps from alcohol. (他滴酒不沾。) 3) 使不做某事:She kept herself from laughing. (她沒有笑出來。)

12. My house is the only brick one on the street. It _____ and you can't miss it.

A. stands up B. looks out

C. sticks out D. wipes out

[答案] C. stick out.

13. After the show, the crowd _____ out of the theater.

A. poured B. melted

C. drew D. dismissed

[答案] A. poured.

[注釋]pour 此處意為:涌出, 涌來, 如:People poured out to the rally. (人們踴躍參加群眾大會。)

14. Although it is not our normal _____ to give credit, this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.

A. state B. intention

C. occasion D. practice

[答案] D. practice.

[注釋]practice (=way of doing sth. That is common or habitual; sth. done regularly) 做法, 慣例 :It is my practice always to rise early. To give credit 讓賒欠:No credit is given at this shop. (這家商店概不賒欠。)

15. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in _____.

A. news B. print

C. publication D. press

[答案] B. print.

[注釋]in print是習語, 意指“印出來, 發表出來”, 如:She finally saw her novel in print. (她終于看到他的小說出版了。) in print 的另一個意思是“在印行, 還在發行”, 如:This book is still in print. (這本書還在發行, 可以買到) 反義詞是out of print , 意指“不在印行, 買不到了。”如:The book you speak of is out of print. (你說到的那本書已不在發行了。)

16. The engineers have rejected the employers' proposals to end the strike and the other workers have come out in _____.

A. opposition B. return

C. sympathy D. readiness

[答案] C. sympathy.

[注釋] in sympathy 以示同情, come out 此處意為 (=declare oneself) 表明態度, 所以come out in sympathy 意為“表示同情”。In return 作為報答, 如:I wanted nothing in return . (我不要什么報答。) collaboration協作, 如:work in collaboration with sb. (與某人協力合作) 。Opposition 反對, 如:rise in opposition to (起來反對) 。readiness 準備 (狀態); 待機, 如:having everything in readiness for departure (做好一切準備, 以便出發)。

17. Her work is often very hard and she gets very tired. The work is _____.

A. wonderful B. splendid

C. tedious D. magnificent

[答案] C. tedious .

[注釋] tedious (=tiresome ;wearying; uninteresting) "沉悶的, 厭煩的, 乏味的”。

Splendid 壯麗的, 輝煌的, 極好的。magnificent 壯麗的, 宏偉的:It was a magnificent ceremony. (這是一次盛大隆重的儀式)。

18. With prices _____ so much, it's hard for the company to plan a budget.

A. fluctuating B. waving

C. swinging D. vibrating

[答案] A. fluctuating

[注釋]本句前一部分是"with+名詞+現在分詞短語"的獨立結構, 做狀語。Fluctuate (=move up and down) (指物價, 標準等的) 波動。如:Prices fluctuate from year to year. (物價年年波動) wave飄揚, 揮舞; 招手; (莊稼的) 波動。Swing擺動, 搖擺; vibrate振動??梢? 根據題意, 只能選A. fluctuating.

19. Some teenagers have a generalized resentment against society, which _____ them the rights and privileges of adults, although physically they are mature.

A. deprives B. restricts

C. rejects D. denies

[答案] D. denies.

[注釋]deny (=refuse to give or allow) 拒絕給予:He denied his children nothing . (孩子們要什么他就給什么。) deprive (=take away from) .剝奪。deprive sb. of sth.剝奪某人某物:They deprived women of the right to vote. (他們剝奪了婦女的投票權。) restrict (=keep within limits) The doctor restricted him to 5 cigarettes a day. (醫生限制他一天抽5支煙。) reject (refuse to accept ) 拒絕接受, 如:She rejected my suggestion.

本題譯文:一些十幾歲的孩子們往往對社會有普遍的逆反心理, 雖然他們發育成熟, 但社會拒絕給予他們同成年人一樣的權利和優惠。

20. Though _____ in San Francisco, Dave Mitchell had always preferred to record the plain facts of small-town life.

A. raised B. grown

C. developed D. cultivated

[答案] A. raised

[注釋]本句中Though raised in San Franciscos是省略的讓步狀語從句。Raise (=bring up) 撫養:grow種植; cultivate耕作; 培養 (友誼等) 。如cultivate后接某人, 則意為“培養與某人的感情”。如:John always tries to cultivate the people, who are useful to him professionally. (約翰一向喜歡與事業上對他有用的人來往。)

本題譯文:盡管在舊金山長大, 但戴夫米切爾總是愿意把小鎮生活中平凡的事情記載下來。

21. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's _____.

A. priceless B. invaluable

C. unworthy D. worthless

[答案] D. worthless.

[注釋] worthless 無價值的, 無用的。Priceless 無價的, 貴重的, 無法估價的:a priceless treasure 無價之寶。Invaluable 無法估價的, 非常寶貴的。Unworthy 不值得的, 不配的; 無價值的。

22. The final _____ of the play will take place on Monday.

A. action B. performance

C. view D. sight

[答案] B. performance.

[注釋]performance (話劇的) 一場演出。

23. It was a long time before the cut on my hand _____ completely.

A. healed B. cured

C. improved D. recovered

[答案] A. healed.

24. To get my travelers' checks I had to have the bank _____ a special check for the total amount.

A. make up B. make out

C. make for D. make up for

[答案] B. make out..

25. She said she was glad the difficulty had been _____.

A. cleared away B. cleared up

C. broken away D. broken down

[答案] B. cleared up.

26. I used to be able to play well but I'm _____ now.

A. out of date

B. out of touch

C. out of practice

D. out of place

[答案] C. out of practice.

[注釋] out of practice荒廢, 久不練習; out of date 過時, 老式; out of touch失去聯系; out of place詳見 III, 70注釋。

27. As soon as the children were _____, their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.

A. woke B. waken

C. wake D. awake

[答案] D. awake.

[注釋]awake adj.醒著的 (作表語) 。Awake, awaken, wake, waken都可以作及物和不及物動詞用, 但是awake多用作不及物動詞, 其中wake最常用。

28. Jim was so badly burnt that at first they began to _____ of his life.

A. despair B. designate

C. disappoint D. despise

[答案] A. despair.

[注釋] despair of (=be in despair) 對.......失望:1) Don't despair: things will get better soon. 2) He began to despair of success. 3) He despaired of being able to repair the TV set. (他對能否修好這臺電視機表示失望。) designate指明, 指出, despise 輕視, 藐視。

29. The government's strong action demonstrated its _____ to crush the rebellion.

A. energy B. resistance

C. courage D. determination

[答案] D. determination.

[注釋] determination意為“決心”, 后常接動詞不定式作定語。

30. New mineral resources may be discovered during the forthcoming Antarctic _____.

A. excursion B. execution

C. extraction D. expedition

[答案] D. expedition.

[注釋]expedition 遠征, 探險; excursion 短途旅行, 游覽; execution 實施, 執行; extraction 提取。









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